Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's a Wrap!

Goodbye 2007
Hello 2008

I was thinking yesterday about how fast my teenagers are growing up. I thought about how we get one chance to raise them. There is no going back to newborn, to their first steps or first day of school. You get the idea. It's the same for life. We can't go back and redo 2007. It's done.

For the most part I feel good about 2007. Sure I would love to have a do-over now and again. But since I can't, I can learn from things I did well, things I would like to have done better and make adjustments. I can say things I should like "I love you" or "I am sorry". Better yet, I can show it. I can go back and do these kinds of things but I cannot replay the day. It's done!

I can also refuse to learn from the past. I have a choice. I can be bitter or better about hurts and injustices that have befallen me. I can also do something that I never felt I could. Something fun or challenging like my dream of learning to fly a small plane, or the challenge of running in a race. I could take that photography class or explore a change in careers. I can face that hard or perhaps frightening task. I can let go off things or relationships that are poison to me.

We have twelve months this year until it's a wrap again. But not one of us has the promise of each of those days. Each day that I awake and can take a breath is a gift. That I can take another one after is another gift. What will I do with that gift. How will I live my day?

What if "It's a Wrap" was for me the end of this day instead of December 31, 2008?

What would I do different? Would I cower paralyzed by fear? Would I live each minute for all it's worth? What would my legacy be?

So whether it's a day, an hour or a year how can I live it knowing there is no do-overs?

I think about that now and again. I want to think about it. I want to care. I want to live today not just go through the motions.

How can I impact others? How can I make a difference!

BEFORE..."It's a Wrap" is said on my life!

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Diane J Standiford said...

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Take care.