Saturday, February 02, 2008

When I Hear Your Name

When I hear your name it immediately stops me. We have so much history, more than I ever imagined. You have been a part of my family for generations but I did not meet you until 1995. With just one phone call you changed my life.

I soon learned that you changed the lives of many others as well.

You wanted to move in and though related, you are not one that I want anything to do with. You are a taker. And you have taken far too much for far too long.

Your very presence like a thief. We who know you have fought against you. You are unrelenting. You have stolen precious years and brought pain and suffering.

You stole my mom from me. You stole all she had and you took a lot of what we had along with it. And you still seek to steal from others.

You did not move in with me but you got close enough. Too close.

One thing you did not hope. My faith and belief that you will one day be caught and destroyed for all generations to come including this one.

You also have not stolen my resolve or desire to help others fight you.

Your name? Huntington's Disease.

Your death? A future cure.

My family...My mom who died January 5, 2006 and all my family and friends who are impacted by this disease.


Diane J Standiford said...

A touching post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

i agree with diane and touching photo HHJoy