Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Will You Teach Me?

You come from all over the world. You stop by my blog and sometimes you write to me.
I wish I could ask you questions about who you are, where you are from. You see I know some of you are from Italy and Paris. I am going there this year. How I would love to hear about it before I go from you. From Asia to Hawaii. Hawaii being my favorite place on earth.

I talk about life and things I have learned. I try to write just for me but then one of you found me and then another. I worried about writing for you and I stopped. I have to write for me. I have to write about what touches my heart and then hope if you are touched by it, it is a bonus.

I want so much to be real and encourage. A place to just be "me". And I want to learn from you. What brings you here, what if anything makes you stay or come back?

I want you to teach me about you. Because we all bring so much to the table and time zones and cultures can be met here online whereas we might not have the opportunity any other way. So what will you teach me? What will you teach us!



Anonymous said...

Hi I came from a stellar life blog. i am no writer i just like to read about new people. i like your blog,it is personal/i have to go to work early today HHJoy

Diane J Standiford said...

I was born in Indiana, moved to Seattle, WA, where I now have lived for 26 years. I have multiple sclerosis, DX 1990, can't walk, but am working on it. If I could teach you anything it would be to love deeply, be true to yourself and others, never give up a dream, try even of you fail--try; and never ever stop dreaming. Now hop over to my blog, a presentation requires your presence. http://dj-astellarlife.blogspot.com/